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Dynamic Stabilisation of the Hip and Pelvis

This course will question commonly prescribed exercises:

  • Are they targeting the muscles you think they are?
  • Could they be actually be setting up your patient for long term joint damage?

This course will present evidence for the importance of:

  • Specificity of muscle recruitment
  • Targeted retaining of deep hip musculature to enhance joint protection and optimise movement patterns
  • Adequate progression to strength based training and tasks involving multidirectional control of movement
  • Choosing exercise type and position that is consistent with that of a muscle’s inherent function

This course includes an online theoretical component and a one day practical seminar.

Understanding Tendinopathies of the Hip and Pelvis

Tendinopathies of the hip and pelvis represent a large burden on both the sporting and ageing populations. Growing evidence is shaping contemporary conservative management of tendinopathy. This course provides participants with guidance towards a deeper understanding of tendinopathies of the hip and pelvis, and more effective clinical management.

The information presented is based on both an emerging evidence base derived from scientific studies on structure and mechanobiological mechanisms, risk factors, impairments and the available information on effects of intervention, and over 20 years of clinical experience.

This course includes an online theoretical component and a one day practical.

Online Learning

Each course includes an online theory component, presented by Dr Alison Grimaldi as video lessons. And remember that if you can’t make a seminar, the online components are available as stand-alone courses and are mobile device friendly. So you can study at your own pace, from the comfort of your office or – if you prefer – the luxury of your back yard hammock.