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Pilates is a method of exercise using controlled movement to retrain optimal movement patterns and restore maximum muscle tone and flexibility.

At Physiotec we offer both Exercise Therapy in a Pilates Environment (Clinical Pilates) taught one-on-one with one of our specialty trained Physiotherapists and Contemporary Pilates classes taught by our fully qualified Core Pilates Practitioners.

Our Pilates team is run by Lisa Jackson, who has over 15 years experience in the Pilates industry and also runs Core Pilates in Spring Hill. All practitioners work under the guidance of Dr Alison Grimaldi's expertise in muscle function and exercise, with a wealth of knowledge also contributed by our Physiotherapists and Pilates practitioners working within our Pilates gym.

When starting out with us, a one-hour full body assessment is required to gather your past history, assess your natural postural and movement habits and determine your main areas of weakness or stiffness, and goals. Based on this initial assessment an individualised programme is developed for you. This will help us ensure you achieve your best outcomes and avoid aggravating a current or old injury. An individual exercise plan is then formulated depending on your abilities, needs and personal preferences.

If you are seeking rehabilitation from pain or injury, we recommend you initially book an assessment with one of our Physiotherapists, who all have an advanced understanding of injury and rehabilitation requirements. As part of your rehabilitation, your physiotherapist may provide some individual Exercise Therapy (Clinical Pilates) until you are ready to progress into Contemporary Pilates. These sessions taught by a physiotherapist, will provide an excellent first step towards the recovery of strength and function.

If you are looking primarily to improve muscle tone and flexibility and to maintain overall strength, we would recommend you work with our contemporary Pilates practitioners. Our contemporary practitioners are specifically trained in Pilates. Your program will provide a holistic approach that works towards improving overall body awareness, better posture and function, improved strength and flexibility and improved mindset.

Lisa Jackson, Pilates Practitioner

Pilates is an effective treatment for many joint and muscular problems

Individual Exercise Therapy (Clinical Pilates) Sessions
These are 30 minute 1:1 sessions with the physiotherapist following a personalised programme, with clear goals around rehabilitation from pain or injury. These sessions can be claimed against your private health fund as a physiotherapy treatment. The Federal Government brought in clear guidelines for Health Funds in 2019 that stipulate that Pilates will not be rebatable under your private health fund cover. Physiotherapists can continue to provide exercise therapy, including Clinical Pilates as a rebatable service, but only if there is a clear need for rehabilitation. Pilates classes for general health and musculoskeletal wellbeing or prevention cannot be claimed under your private health fund.

Individual Contemporary Pilates Sessions
These are 60 minute 1:1 sessions with one of our Pilates practitioner. These sessions are ideal for clients who are new to Pilates or transitioning from Physiotherapy Exercise Therapy and/or who are unfamiliar with Pilates equipment and technique and may need constant supervision to ensure good technique and control in performing the exercises.

Studio Sessions
In a studio session your Pilates Practitioner will guide and progress you and up to 2 others through individualised programmes over a 55 minute period. This environment is ideal for people who need or prefer an individualised programme but have familiarity with the equipment and good movement technique.

Circuit Sessions
These group sessions are suitable for those who have a higher level of physical ability and independence in exercise performance. The Pilates Practitioners will guide up to 8 participants through a circuit of exercise stations over a 45minute period. Each station has a number of levels and variations allowing your teacher to tailor the station to your level and specific goals.