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Principal Physiotherapist
MPhtySt (Sports)

Dr Alison Grimaldi

Alison is our Principal Physiotherapist, with 28 years of clinical experience and particular expertise in the management of hip, groin and lumbo-pelvic pain and dysfunction. Alison also has a special interest in the assessment and optimisation of lumbo-pelvic and lower limb biomechanics for running, change of direction and all weightbearing sports, aiming to maximize an athlete’s performance outcomes and minimize risks of injury or re-injury.
Alison completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in 1990, a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy in 1997, and her Doctorate in Philosophy in the Field of Physiotherapy (PhD) in 2008. Her PhD studies were concerned with improving our understanding of hip muscle function and the relationship with hip joint pathology and weightbearing stimulus. These studies involved research collaboration with the European Space Agency. Alison continues to be passionate about extending our understanding of why we develop problems around the hip and pelvis, and what we can do to most effectively prevent and manage these problems. She is currently involved with research studies through the University of Queensland and University of Melbourne, has co-supervised a number of PhD students, and has pioneered the use of Real Time Ultrasound technology for the assessment and retraining of muscle function around the hip & pelvis. Due to her valuable contributions to research at the University of Queensland, Alison has been awarded the title Adjunct Senior Research Fellow in the School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences.

It is one of Alison’s core beliefs that research should be relevant to clinical practice and helping the patients we treat every day, and that physiotherapists in the community should have access to this valuable information to allow them to transfer this knowledge into clinical practice as quickly as possible. To this end, Alison continues to publish, present and provide practical workshops for other health professionals. Alison has published a number of papers in scientific journals, has contributed detailed information freely accessible via podcasts by PhysioEdge (itunes) and the British Journal of Sports Medicine (SoundCloud), and has recently contributed to 3 leading physiotherapy and sports medicine text books. Alison is a visiting lecturer at Masters level at Queensland University, and also runs weekend seminars and courses around Australia & overseas with a focus on muscle function, therapeutic exercise, and the use of real time ultrasound in clinical practice. She has presented at many state, national & international conferences as an Invited or Keynote Speaker, and has run international seminars in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Belgium, Canada, United States of America, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai (UAE).

Alison established Physiotec in 2005 and continues a clinical load, working with patients with complex hip and lumbopelvic conditions, and across a broad spectrum of sports, including elite level triathlon, running, dance, cricket, athletics & swimming. She also spends a considerable amount of time mentoring her excellent staff, ensuring they are up-to-date and able to provide a high level of clinical expertise for management of musculoskeletal problems.


Administration Manager


Jo-Ann Fonseka

Sue Roworth

Nara Coppolaro

Beth Kennedy

Annie Grimaldi


Dr Xiaoqi Chen

Physiotherapist @

Special interests in neck, back, hip, shoulder & arm pain, Hypermobile Spectrum Disorder (HSD) and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) 

Chen is from Singapore and has been a physiotherapist since 2009. She completed her PhD at the University of Queensland in 2017, which studied the risk factors associated with neck pain, and the impact of workplace-based interventions on neck pain in office workers (2017). Her passion to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice is manifested in her publications related to exercise and ergonomic interventions and sensorimotor dysfunction. Altogether, Chen has co-authored 10 publications in the manual therapy, physical therapy, and occupational health journals. Chen is also a casual clinical tutor, examiner, and guest lecturer to physiotherapy students at the University of Queensland since 2014.

Chen’s clinical interests are as follows:

  • Hypermobile Spectrum Disorders (HSDs)
  • Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS)
  • Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Connective Tissue Disorders (CTDs)
  • Neck, back, shoulder and arm pain, including but not exclusive to:
    • Cervicogenic headaches and dizziness
    • Whiplash and associated disorders (i.e. dizziness, headaches, visual disturbances)
    • Concussion syndrome
    • Thoracic outlet syndrome
    • Nerve impingement, neuropathies, radiculopathies, disc-related pathologies
  • Hip pain, including but not exclusive to:
    • Hip impingement syndromes
    • Lateral hip pain – bursitis, tendinopathies
  • Work-related injuries (Workcover claims)
  • Complex, car accident related injuries (Compulsory Third Party, CTP insurance claims)

Starting of the year 2020, Chen is involved in Project ECHO  (Group 3B) launched by The Ehlers-Danlos Society and led by Consultant Rheumatologist and Acute Physician, Dr Alan J Hakim.  Project ECHO is a telemedicine program that involves health professionals from all around the world to share knowledge, expert updates and have case-based discussions on EDS and HSD. Later in the year, Chen will be involved in the Allied Health Australia ECHO program.

Our Hypermobility Services Lead, Sharon Hennessey, and I are involved in regular focus group meetings to create and improve our patient handouts, discuss case studies and share knowledge on the latest evidence-based practice strategies. In addition, fortnightly inservice sessions are held by our clinic lead, Dr Alison Grimaldi for ongoing professional training and learning.

A combination of advice and education, real time ultrasound (RTUS), electrical muscle stimulation, strapping/taping, dry needling, Clinical Pilates, exercise prescription and manual therapy techniques are utilised in her practice. Chen continually improves her practice by keeping up with the latest technology, skills, and research. In her free time she enjoys walking her Kelpie Cross, bike riding, reformer pilates, and rock climbing.

More information can be found at Chen’s website/blog:

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
MPhty (Musc)

Irene Li

Irene completed her Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2019 and graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2014 from the University of Queensland.

Over years of working in private practice setting, Irene developed special interests in treating spinal, hip and pelvis related conditions. Despite treating musculoskeletal disorders, Irene is also qualified in providing lymphoedema management. She is an Australasia Lymphology Association (ALA) accredited lymphoedema physiotherapist since 2015.

Irene is a lifelong learner who had additional training in dry needling and clinical Pilates, but also she is planning to advance her learning in women’s health area.

Outside physiotherapy, Irene is a keen snowboarder and has a strong interest in rehabilitation of skiing or snowboarding related injuries as well as conditioning. Irene also enjoys hiking, weight training and travelling with her family during her spare time.

Sharon Hennessey - Physiotherapist Pilates Instructor Brisbane
Pilates Instructor
BPhty (Hons)

Sharon Hennessey

Sharon completed her physiotherapy degree, a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with concurrent research-based honours, at the University of Queensland in 1997. In the first five years of her career, Sharon worked in a diverse range of physiotherapy special interest areas including general hospital medical/surgical, intensive care, burns, paediatrics, women’s health, neurology, rheumatology, amputees, orthopaedics, hydrotherapy, inpatient/outpatient neuro-rehabilitation, gerontology, palliative care and musculoskeletal outpatients. Sharon has worked in major teaching hospitals in Brisbane, Australia and London, England as well as smaller rural based clinics and urban practices.

As well as working in various hospital facilities, Sharon worked concurrently in musculo-skeletal outpatients/private practice for the first eight years of her career. In the more recent 12 years of her career she has worked solely in Brisbane in private physiotherapy practices and has been working at PhysioTec with Dr Alison Grimaldi since 2010.

She has extensive experience in the management of hip, pelvic, spinal and shoulder pain and developing targeted rehabilitation programs and teaching pilates, use of real time ultrasound for muscle recruitment training, integrated dry needling approaches and more recently added the Compex muscle stimulator to her rehabilitation strategies.

Sharon has a special passion for treating those with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder and Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She has recently attended Ehlers-Danlos conferences in the USA and Sydney. Her primary aim is to achieve meaningful functional and quality-of-life improvements for patients with individualized and paced exercise programs. Sharon uses a problem-solving approach to achieve goals and improve function in this often-complicated group of individuals. As the Hypermobility Team Leader at PhysioTec, Sharon mentors other team members regarding evidence-informed care for this group of people. She is always interested in fostering relationships with other professionals who have a special interest in this field of connective tissue disorders.

Sharon believes that a broad knowledge base is paramount in understanding her clients who present with a multi-faceted issue. With this in mind, Sharon is very proactive with her approach to regular professional education, reviewing clinical research and adapting her treatment approach appropriately as new evidence emerges.

Eric Huang - A Qualified Physiotherapist - PhysioTec
Bike Fit Analyst

Eric Huang

Eric has been a qualified Physiotherapist since 2004, having worked in a variety of clinical settings from medical centres to holistic health centres before joining Physiotec in 2009. With this many years at Physiotec, Eric is currently our longest serving physiotherapist. For many years, Eric split his time between PhysioTec and providing onsite injury management services to a variety of manual handling industries. In 2018, Eric decided to move from onsite injury management to work with Dr Patrick Weinrauch at Brisbane Hip Clinic. His many years working and training under Dr Alison Grimaldi and now under Dr Weinrauch make him highly qualified in the management of Hip & Groin pain.

His other interests in physiotherapy are neck and upper back pain, cycling related pain and injuries and dry needling. Eric is a competitive cyclist himself, runs his own cycling crew, MIA, and is passionate about all things cycling. He has competed at both Australian and World Track Championships. Eric provides our bike fit service and has a personal and professional interest in strength & conditioning. This experience he brings to our GymStart programs, where Eric can teach, assess and correct your form with gym lifts to ensure you will be safe and gain maximum benefit from your gym program. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience where it comes to balancing optimal performance outcomes and recovery from injury or training fatigue. In his spare time he also enjoys spending quality time with his family and keeping a great looking tropical aquarium.

Kirsty MacNab - Sports Physiotherapist Brisbane - PhysioTec
Sports Physiotherapist

Kirsty McNab

Kirsty qualified in 1998 as a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours in the UK. Coming to Australia in 2000, she has worked with and treated a multitude of sporting disciplines including triathlon at the Goodwill Games and Brisbane Premiership rugby union.
For 5 years she provided physiotherapy for the Australian Short Track Speed Skating, traveling extensively to World Cups. In 2006 she was selected as a Physiotherapist for the Australian Team at the 2006 Winter Olympics. Having completed her Masters of Sports Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in 2006, she focused her attentions on tennis and became a Physiotherapist for the Australian Tennis Open, continuing this until present day. Her wide experience with sporting teams has provided her with a high level of expertise in the management of acute and overuse sports injuries.

In addition, she has been involved in teaching, including within the University of Queensland post-grad Physiotherapy courses as well as running courses for Physiotherapists nationally.

Of special interest to Kirsty is the treatment of injuries relating to the hip, shoulder and lower limb complex. Her skills involve screening evaluation to correct muscle imbalances and joint alignment – both in the treatment and prevention of injury – as well as a high level of hands-on treatment skills. Kirsty also has a high level of skill in the use of real time ultrasound for muscles assessment and rehabilitation around the trunk, hip and shoulder.

Womens Health Physiotherapist
Pilates Instructor

Megan Power

Megan completed her post graduate Physiotherapy Masters degree at the University of Sydney and has an undergraduate Bachelor degree in Health and Exercise Science from the University of New South Wales.

Megan’s primary interest area is within Women’s Health and she treats a variety of conditions including pelvic floor weakness and stress/urge incontinence for women of all ages, as well as pre and post-natal women. She has undergone extra training in this field and has presented to community groups regarding Women’s Health issues. Megan is also passionate about restoring optimal movement and function for areas surrounding the hip and pelvis, as well as with running injuries and Hypermobility.

Megan assists Dr Alison Grimaldi with data collation associated with our Hip & Groin rehabilitation programs and her research work at the University of Queensland and is also working with Physio-Network, a company providing online research reviews for physiotherapists to promote evidence-based practice.

Megan enjoys running, touch football and Pilates and she teaches both group and individual Pilates classes here at Physiotec.

Pilates Instructor
MIADMS-Dance Medicine

Joanne Manning

Joanne graduated from the University of Queensland in 2014 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy Honours Class l. A skilled dancer, choreographer and director, Joanne forged a highly successful career internationally and more specifically on Broadway before transitioning to a career in physiotherapy.

After completion of her physiotherapy degree, Joanne has worked in both private practice and hospital settings, gaining experience in outpatient musculoskeletal work, general hospital medical/surgical, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

With her extensive dance background Joanne has a special interest in dance rehabilitation and injury prevention for dancers and is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science.

Joanne is always looking to expand her knowledge and skills. She has trained in dry needling, pain sciences, dancer assessment and rehabilitation, kinesio-taping, vestibular dysfunction and APPI clinical Pilates.

Outside of work Joanne is an avid traveller, scuba diver and photographer, and enjoys spending time with family and friends while enjoying the Aussie lifestyle.

Performing Arts
B Phty

David Peirce

David brings nearly 30 years experience with a focus on human performance across a broad range of sports, performing arts and everyday life. His early career in Mt Isa and Townsville focused on rugby union leading to a 5 year term as the senior Physio for London Wasps Rugby Club, tours with Qld Rugby and Penguins International to the UK, China, Croatia, Czech Republic and Hong Kong.

Inspired by his wife Lisa Wilson, David developed a passion for the performing arts and on return to Australia in 2000 built relationships, support and consultancy roles with the Qld Ballet, Opera Queensland, Qld Theatre, EDC (now ADC), Brisbane Festival and the Qld Symphony Orchestra to which he is currently consultant Physiotherapist. He did however maintain links with rugby and was part of the Qld Reds medical setup in 2010/11 when they won their maiden Super Rugby title.

David founded his own clinic, Pondera Physiotherapy & Pilates in 2006 and last year left after selling the business in 2016. His clinical focus remains on human performance tailored to the individual needs of dancers, musicians, actors, sports people or those just wanting to decrease pain and really enjoy life to the fullest. His collaborative approach mimics that of the arts sector where the director will engage whoever and whatever means are necessary to result in the best possible performance. He is not afraid to ask for help (and even for directions!) if it means the best care and outcome for the client.

David’s dedication to understanding injury and pain includes being hit by a car, dislocating both shoulders, rupturing his R ankle and knee ligaments and managing occasional lower back pain. He is a father to two daughters, husband to an extraordinary wife and a fairly unsuccessful but passionate fisherman.

Pilates Practitioner

Lisa Jackson

Lisa is the Founder of Core Pilates Brisbane, and one of Queensland’s leading Pilates instructors.

A Principal Trainer under the Pilates Alliance Australasia and a Faculty Member for PilatesITC, Lisa has established Core Pilates Brisbane as an educational centre for Pilates students in Queensland. She is also a Licensed Buff Bones® Instructor, the Buff Bones® Faculty Teacher for Australia and trained to teach with the Oov. In 2015, Lisa was the Brisbane Pilates Trainer for Cirque Du Soleil “Totem” and again in 2016 for “Kooza”. Lisa is currently a committee member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia, working towards building a strong and recognised profession of Pilates Professionals. In 2019, she will bring her expertise to Physiotec.

Lisa has a vibrant personality and infectious passion for Pilates and movement that resonates in all that she does. Her teaching philosophy is client-centric, emphasising correct movement patterning, posture awareness, and general well-being. She is dedicated to seeing growth and change for her clients and believes in nurturing a “stronger connection to yourself”; a concept found in the beauty of Joseph Pilates’ work.

Lisa began her Pilates journey in 2001 whilst living in Los Angeles. In 2003, Lisa trained at the Physical Mind Institute in Los Angeles and New York. Returning to Australia in 2006, her passion for learning and a desire to further explore Joseph Pilates’ work led her to Sally Anderson, the Founder and Director of Pilates International (PilatesITC). She has since completed her Diploma and Advanced Diploma through PilatesITC and continues to study both nationally and internationally with distinguished Pilates and movement teachers.

Lisa has an ongoing curiosity towards the body and is a strong believer in continued education and personal growth. She is committed to sharing the many benefits of Pilates with her clients, and student-teachers looking to make a genuine difference to the lives of others.

Julie Allen - Post Cancer Physiotherapist Brisbane - PhysioTec
Post Cancer Physiotherapist
BPhty (Hons)

Julie Allen – Physiotherapist

Julie Allen is an empathetic, caring and delightful physiotherapist with over 20 years experience in both sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation for chronic neck and back pain. She is passionate about tailoring exercise filled with enjoyment, skills and interests. Her early career was filled with success as a sports physiotherapist who travelled with Australia’s top international sporting teams including the Australian Hockeyroos, Queensland Firebirds, the Brisbane Blades and Queensland Netball State teams. Her passion was rehabilitation after injury, helping athletes recover and return either to full function or transition to life post sport.

Julie is also a survivor of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and has drawn on both her professional expertise and own cancer experience to develop the Pentimento Project – A physiotherapy approach to post cancer treatment rehabilitation. Julie offers individual tailored rehabilitation options, in addition to group support sessions. Her aim is to assist cancer survivors regain a level of physical and psychological health and wellbeing in a quest for improvement in quality of life.
She obtained her Bachelor of Physiotherapy with first class honours from the University of Queensland in 1994. She is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)and endorsed by the Australian Health Practioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA). She works closely with The Queensland Branch of the Leukaemia Foundation.  She also provides service to clients of Haematology Oncology Clinics of Australasia (HOCA) and their clinical network company: Integrated Clinical Oncology Network (ICON).

Visit The Pentimento Project founded by Julie Allen

Nunzio Grimaldi - Director - PhysioTec

Nunzio Grimaldi

Nunz has over 30 years of experience in business operations, management and administration – 13 years as an employee in state and national management roles and then 18 years as an independent business owner. Nunz’s support is an essential part of the PhysioTec team. He also has a long term love of and association with sport, particularly cricket, and is a Cricket Australia Accredited Coach.
Oh, and he’s a pretty useful handyman too…

MPhty (Sports)
Dip Rem Mass

Trina Lat

Trina completed her Physiotherapy degree in 2002 in the Philippines where she then worked and specialized in Sports Physiotherapy, with a particular interest in rehabilitation of lower limb injuries and post-surgical recovery.
In 2005 Trina came to Australia and completed a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland, and the following year a obtained a Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2006 at The Australian College of Natural Medicine. Trina has worked as a Sports Physiotherapist with various sporting teams in the Philippines and as a sports trainer and Physiotherapist  with the AFL team Mayne Tigers in Queensland from 2005-2008. Trina has a special interest in sport and rock climbing injuries as well as injuries relating to the hip, knee, ankle and foot complex.

Trina is currently in Italy with her partner who is completing a post doctoral project in Genoa. She is acting as our foreign correspondent, keeping you up to date via Facebook and our online Newsletter. We are looking forward to her return. Come home soon Trina!