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Alice Scura

Alice Scura

Alice Scura is a highly qualified Pilates Instructor providing Pilates training at Physiotec in Tarragindi, Brisbane. She has combined her background in physiotherapy and ballet with her passion for Yoga, Pilates and healthy movement patterns. From the beginning of her career as a Pilates instructor, she has dedicated her time to meeting every client’s needs and providing them with the best experience possible.

With over 6 years experience running a successful Pilates and physiotherapy business in the heart of South America, as well as 10 years of ongoing personal yoga practice, she has decided to make a lifestyle change by coming to Australia to further develop her skills and qualifications.

After graduating in Physiotherapy and Kinesiology from the National University of Asunción (Paraguay), she had obtained a Diploma of Pilates from the Catholic University of Cordoba (Argentina), and a Diploma of Global Postural Reeducation from RPG Latinoamerica.

Within Pilates she has also specialised in clinical Pilates, which allowed her to improve the wellbeing of people facing a broad spectrum of health issues.

Experienced in Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Mat, Barrel and Combo Chair, her classes are thoroughly planned and tailored to every specific case, guiding people through the process of improving imbalances and deficiencies of our modern lives.

Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson

Lisa is the Founder of Core Pilates Brisbane, and one of Queensland’s leading Pilates instructors.

A Principal Trainer under the Pilates Alliance Australasia and a Faculty Member for PilatesITC, Lisa has established Core Pilates Brisbane as an educational centre for Pilates students in Queensland. She is also a Licensed Buff Bones® Instructor, the Buff Bones® Faculty Teacher for Australia and trained to teach with the Oov. In 2015, Lisa was the Brisbane Pilates Trainer for Cirque Du Soleil “Totem” and again in 2016 for “Kooza”. Lisa is currently a committee member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia, working towards building a strong and recognised profession of Pilates Professionals. In 2019, she will bring her expertise to Physiotec.

Lisa has a vibrant personality and infectious passion for Pilates and movement that resonates in all that she does. Her teaching philosophy is client-centric, emphasising correct movement patterning, posture awareness, and general well-being. She is dedicated to seeing growth and change for her clients and believes in nurturing a “stronger connection to yourself”; a concept found in the beauty of Joseph Pilates’ work.

Lisa began her Pilates journey in 2001 whilst living in Los Angeles. In 2003, Lisa trained at the Physical Mind Institute in Los Angeles and New York. Returning to Australia in 2006, her passion for learning and a desire to further explore Joseph Pilates’ work led her to Sally Anderson, the Founder and Director of Pilates International (PilatesITC). She has since completed her Diploma and Advanced Diploma through PilatesITC and continues to study both nationally and internationally with distinguished Pilates and movement teachers.

Lisa has an ongoing curiosity towards the body and is a strong believer in continued education and personal growth. She is committed to sharing the many benefits of Pilates with her clients, and student-teachers looking to make a genuine difference to the lives of others.