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Hello and welcome to our brand new website.

We have put a lot of effort into providing you with the most comprehensive information we can. (Our techie even made us stand

out in the midday sun and climb trees for our



But in our excitement to release the new site, we have decided

to open it to one and all while we continue to fill in our content and iron out the last few glitches. After all, if we waited until it was complete, it would never be released.

So we hope you will be patient while we continue to add content, and our resident geek continues to make final tweaks and improvements.

If you notice anything hinky with the site, I’m sure he would appreciate you dropping him a line on techie@physiotec.com.au.

(aka The resident geek)

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I apologize for sending several emails to this site and Dr Grimaldi over the past few days but I am concerned if I was sending as you put up new web site and my mail was lost? I am in the US (Pennsylvania) and trying to arrange a Skype consult with Dr Grimaldi. If you have seen my emails, I again apologize but there is no way to know if I am getting through. I would greatly appreciate knowing you received this email and if I can schedule a consult with Dr Grimaldi. Thank you,
    Marla Gold, MD
    Philadelphia, PA USA

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